Covid 19 Update:

In compliance with with Welsh Government guidance we plan to open the site on July 13th 2020 but only for all “self contained units” that have kitchen and bathroom facilities. We will get the absolute go ahead on July 10th 2020 after a review of the R rate, but for now we are taking bookings from the 13th July for ‘all self contained units’.

Currently when we reopen we are not permitted by law to open all shared facilities aside from water and disposal points. Therefore our toilet and shower block, laundry room, children’s play area and brochure display area will be closed, but we will be continuing to keep up to date with any Government guideline changes as the lock down slowly releases to enable us to slowly reopen these facilities for you.

After receiving clarity today, motor homes, touring caravans and campervans where they have their own on-board shower, WC and kitchen facilities will therefore be welcome onsite from July 13th. All units must have holding tanks for waste water that can be emptied into the chemical waste disposal units.

Therefore we are NOT accepting bookings for TENTS or those that don’t have onboard facilities intil further notice.

We know that our caravan owners, regular static hire guests and campers see Nolton Cross Caravan Park and the surrounding area as a second home, and we look forward to sharing this space with you once again. We ask you to understand and respect that the feeling within the local community is more mixed. We have an elderly population and sketchy healthcare system, and as a result there is a fear about welcoming visitors once again to the area. We in Wales did not have the same relaxing to the Covid guidelines like the English going from near complete lockdown to allowing tourists into the country in the space of three weeks. During your stay, we ask that you consider this when out in the community and familarise yourself with the current Welsh Government guidelines before your stay.

NB There is a risk the restrictions will remain in place once the rescheduled date comes round and therefore any bookings will be at the customers own risk.

In addition although travel restrictions in Wales are likely to be relaxed on the 6th July , WE REMAIN CLOSED BY LAW UNTIL 13th JULY and we can not allow access to holiday homes (day trips) until we are permitted to open.

Thanks to all our customers and prospective guests for their continued patience and understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you here very soon.